For true lover’s of music, the power of the whole thing hits us all at different times in our lives.  For singer/songwriter Cedric Lamar it was while touring around the country as an actor that he discovered his deep passion an unknown talent for songwriting, and decided to plant his roots down in NYC and see how far this new path could take him.  As a self-taught singer and guitarist, he would often sit in his room trying to capture the sound that was in his head.  Although reminiscent of many different styles, the songs don’t seem to fit into the box of any one genre. The sound is somehow big, intimate, thoughtful, playful, and heartfelt all at the same time and possibly best described musically as “Soul on the Rocks, with a Bluesy aftertaste”.  The lyrics were born from love and lust, hope and pain, and a deep curiosity of the thoughts and feelings we have in common that at times make us remember that we’re not alone.  Lamar was a finalist in the 2008 Williamsburg Live Singer-Songwriter Competition and winner of the 2011 Waltz-Astoria Ultimate Singer-Songwriter Competition.  His band, The Life & Times Of, was selected as the #2 Underground Rock Band in NYC by online music magazine Knocks from the Underground who said, “Lamar can wail like Motown and jam like classic rock... his songs weave in and out of melancholy blues, hoppin’ twand, and hard rock breakdowns”.  Cedric will be releasing his first solo album in 2015, “Kingdoms and Tall Grass”.